Our method is based on in-depth industry experience, local expertise, and professional grounding.

Recruitment of executives and specialists.

  • Utilizing industry experience and network to identify talented leaders and highly skilled specialists.
  • Conducting thorough searches and screenings to find candidates that match the requirements of the positions.
  • Emphasizing the recruitment of candidates with both deep expertise and relevant experience.

Excecutive search

  • In-depth search for top executives who align with the organization’s needs and strategy.
  • Extensive use of professional networks and personal contacts to find passive candidates who are not actively seeking jobs.
  • Thorough evaluation of candidates based on experience, skills, and leadership qualities to ensure high quality in the recruitment process.

Board recruitment and evaluation

  • Specialized service for finding and assessing candidates for board roles and advisory boards.
  • Identification of candidates with industry-relevant experience and expertise in strategic governance.
  • Conducting thorough evaluation of candidates’ professional background, leadership style, and ability to add value to the boardroom.