We invest time in understanding the customer’s needs and identifying the necessary skills to complement their strategies and goals.


Position clarification and project review

  • The agency provides a project manager, consultants with deep industry knowledge, and recruitment professionals.
  • Reviewing the project timeline, project phases, developing job descriptions, desired qualifications, brainstorming potential candidates, and determining marketing activities with the client.
  • Conducting interviews with management and key personnel in the organization.


Advertisement and search

  • The agency prepares job advertisements, advertisements, and marketing materials, while the consultants actively search the market for potential candidates.
  • A shortlist of suitable candidates is compiled.


The candidate list is reviewed, and suitable candidates are interviewed

  • The candidate list is reviewed, and suitable candidates are interviewed.
  • As much information as possible about each candidate is collected, including education, experience, skills, and references. Candidates are screened through interviews, personality tests, aptitude tests, and case assignments.



  • All data is presented together with the client.
  • Candidates are compared to each other. The suitable candidates are ranked based on objective criteria that were established earlier in the process.
  • The top candidate on the list is offered the position.